Stefan Eschbach, PhD

Chairman of the board since 2015. 25 years of experience in the international life science industry. Former Executive Vice President and General Manager at Phadia. More than 10 years responsible for a business unit including R&D, production and sales. Prior to that held leading positions in Germany and abroad. Today private investor in several medtech and life science companies. Advisor to the Board of Directors at Antrad Medical AB.

Peter Påhlsson, PhD

Professor in Medical Biology at Linköping University with an expertise within glycobiology and laboratory diagnostics. Author of 55 papers in peer reviewed scientific journals. Co-founder Glycobond.

Ingvar Rydén, MD, PhD

Senior Medical Advisor at Glycobond. More than 15 years of experience as Senior Consultant in Clinical Chemistry, including 8 years as Laboratory Director for a hospital lab network, and has previously served more than 6 years as Senior Medical Advisor at Roche Diagnostics. Today employed as Senior Lecturer/Associate Professor at Linköping University. Co-founder Glycobond.

Bengt-Harald Jonsson, PhD

Professor in Molecular Biotechnology at Linköping University. Author of more than 100 publications in peer reviewed scientific journals. Co-founder Glycobond.