Glycobond has developed HepaCheC™, an ELISA-based assay that detects aberrant and cancer-specific glycosylation on alpha-1 acid glycoprotein (AGP), an acute phase plasma protein produced mainly in the liver. The protein is secreted into the blood stream why analysis can be performed on a simple blood sample. The method is based on a patented fucose-binding protein, Mono-F, and has shown very promising results in longitudinal analyses of serum samples from patients at risk of developing HCC.

The Mono-F peptide was developed as a result of comprehensive binding studies of the lectin Aleuria Aurantia (1-3). Mono-F is a monovalent peptide with a high binding specificity for fucose, a carbohydrate epitope that is expressed at higher levels on AGP produced in liver cancer cells (4). 

 The assay will be considered as a complementary diagnostic method to the elevated AFP or other HCC diagnostic tests and will be clinically evaluated during 2017.

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